Angie & Shane's wedding

I learned one lesson as the wedding photographer and videographer for Angie and Shane's big day on Orcas Island: next time, spend the night.

My team and I drove up to Anacortes, hopped on the ferry, spent the whole day photographing and filming all the wedding festivities, hopped back on the ferry, and drove back home to Seattle.

It was a long day!

But I think the wedding film turned out great.

Angie and Shane decided to upgrade to our "premium wedding film" - twice as long as the standard signature wedding video. Since the film is 15 minutes, we had so much more time to showcase all the special moments from their wedding ... the vows, toasts, dances, decor, you name it.

Orcas Island is a beautiful place for a wedding, that's for sure. It was my first time! Angie had her makeup and hair done in a cabin overlooking the water. Shane...well...he spent a lot of time waiting for Angie!

I was also the still photographer for their wedding. I think that helps marry a consistent, polished style between their wedding photography collection and their wedding film.

Check out their film here:


Dan Cassuto