Shanti + Deepesh - South Asian wedding film

There’s something really special about filming a South Asian wedding. 

This is our brand new film for Shanti and Deepesh’s South Asian wedding in Woodinville and Snohomish. 

Like any Seattle wedding videographer, I am always trying to find ways to be creative and diverse with wedding films. When you’re filming a wedding in a Buddhist temple, you’re surrounded  by so much color. It’s music to a wedding videographer’s ears (maybe I should say, wedding videographer’s eyes?) when you get to film and experience so many unique, colorful, magical moments of a South Asian wedding ceremony.

Seattle wedding cinematographers love the ornate and special vibe and culture in a South Asian ceremony. Shanti and Deepesh also had a terrific party at the Feather Ballroom in Downtown Snohomish. 

My challenge as a wedding cinematographer was crafting a highlight film capturing the spirit and life of Shanti and Deepesh’s ceremony and party, which spanned two days. And their wedding film was only about 7 minutes! That’s a lot of editing and careful, meticulous crafting to make a perfect South Asian wedding film I hope they’ll love forever. 

Dan Cassuto