Dynamic photo galleries may turn out to be one of the best features of the website!

We are going to create dozens -- and someday soon, hundreds! -- of photo galleries organized by venue and theme. Couples will be able to browse photo galleries specific to their venue! Just imagine how awesome that will be -- and how easily couples can discover your work.

For instance, couples can explore photo galleries like, "50 Wedding Photos from the Hyatt," where each photo is from a different photographer.

Limit of 3 photos per photographer

At the beginning, photographers will be able to upload 3 photos for each venue gallery. So, pick your favorite 3 images for the venues you like. Once we develop a more robust sorting/filtering system, the plan is to allow photographers to upload and categorize more images.


What We Need Now

The web developers need to create the code based on a list of venues.

Please fill out this form.

We'll grow this - but right now - please list up to 10 venues where you'd like to showcase images!

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