Welcome. This is going to be epic.

We're creating a brand new website to connect local couples with local wedding professionals. #pnwpride! Think of as a local guide to vendors. 

The goal is to drive couples to YOUR website.


Here's how it works. Wedding professionals will get portfolio pages within their vendor category. Pretty simple and straight-forward. I get it. You want to invest your time in YOUR website.



Everything here is optional.

  • 9 images (to fit the 3x3 photo grid)
  • Welcome message
  • Short bio
  • Website link
  • Pricing information
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • No limit to text or word count



  • Full text search and easy sorting/filtering of vendor profiles
  • Photo galleries organized by theme or venue. This is very cool! For instance, we'll have a gallery showcasing "25 Weddings at the Hyatt," where each photo is from a different photographer, florist, caterer and so on! Photos link to your profile page.
  • Vendors can list their "recommended vendors" in their profile - linking and tagging other vendors from other categoiries.
  • Featured local weddings. Vendors can create blog posts with photo galleries of their weddings, tagging and linking other vendors.
  • Forum and community message boards. Vendors can contribute blog posts. Couples can ask questions and post in community message boards/forums using their Facebook accounts.


Why now? Well, here's my story. I quit my job in July to launch Sound Originals, a photography and videography business. It's going great - but I've been stunned how fragmented and scattered the marketplace is for wedding professionals. It should be simpler and more local. And cheaper! I used to be a TV reporter for NBC, ABC and CBS local stations for 10 years, including a few years at KING 5 in Seattle.

I'm excited about all the great features we can include. I want to use my TV background to produce videos showcasing other local vendors, host roundtable discussions and Facebook Live chats and Q&A sessions, and all sorts of other unique and local content. #pnwbaby!


I am super accessible so please contact me with any questions or comments!




April or May 2018!



All licensed, legitimate professionals are welcome to join. 



$4 per month. 

Vendors will pay for a full year's membership ($48) when joining. The year will begin when the website launches with your portfolio page. Sorry, no refunds. I will be using a significant amount of this revenue to market, promote and improve the website.

Even though you'll join now, you will get a year from when we actually launch!




1. Fill out this form.

2. Pay for your membership.

3. I'll send you an email in the next few days with instructions on setting up your portfolio page!

*I'm in the process of designing and testing a system where you can edit and tweak your portfolio page on your own.*


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Prototype for vendor portfolio page